Visual text analytics

Imperial College & LSE

March 2016

I attended this 2-day workshop “bringing together experts in text analysis to share knowledge, best practice, and tools and techniques for text analysis visualisations”.

The KPMG Data Observatory at Imperial College London’s Data Science Institute

It was interesting to see the different perspectives on text visualisation offered by computer scientists and those working in social and political science, and there were a number of technical sessions focussed on working in R.

I enjoyed learning about work the National Centre for Text Mining (NACTEM) has done with historic public health records, as I was working on the same dataset at the time, and to see the visualisations Armand Leroi has been building around the evolution of culture.

The workshop also included a visit to the KPMG Data Observatory, a data visualisation studio featuring a large-scale circular wall of 64 monitors. It was exciting to imagine the possibilities for visualising cultural data in such an environment and I was reminded of Software Studies Initiative's visualisations of cultural data on large-scale displays.

Mark Rothko paintings visualisation by Software Studies Initiative