Exploring the Cooper Hewitt collection with timelines and tags

June 2017

I’m 4 months into a 5-month fellowship at Cooper Hewitt working with their digitised collection. I’m normally based in London where I’m a PhD student in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art supervised by Stephen Boyd Davis, Professor of Design Research. My PhD topic is designing and building interactive timelines for exploring cultural data (digitised museum, archive and library collections). And, in London, I have been working with partners at the V&A, the Wellcome Library and the Science Museum.

CHI 2017

Doctoral Consortium

May 2017

I was delighted to be selected for the CHI 2017 Doctoral Consortium. CHI is the premier international conference for human-computer interaction, or HCI (researchers study how humans interact with computers, and design technologies that let humans interact with computers in novel ways). This year the conference was held in Denver, Colorado.

First week at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Smithsonian Fellowship, New York City

March 2017

This was an exciting week as it marks the beginning of a Smithsonian Fellowship at Cooper Hewitt, the flagship US museum for historical and contemporary design. Cooper Hewitt has digitised its entire collection, more than 200,000 design objects, and I will be spending the next 5 months at the museum working on data visualisation projects with this collection data in collaboration with Cooper Hewitt Labs.

Attending Women Techmakers Summit

Google, New York City

March 2017

I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend this year's Women Techmakers Summit at Google's New York City office. The day included a range of talks and panel sessions with speakers from organisations including Google, the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and the New York Public Library.

Science Museum Digital Lab Hackathon

Winning team 'Creative Prize'

February 2017

"What would you do if the Science Museum and its data were your creative playground for 2 days?"

Text analytics workshop

Rice University Houston, Texas

February 2017

I was invited to attend this international workshop hosted by Rice University’s Humanities Research Center; the goal was to envision a general textual analysis tool for exploring and interrogating digitised historical corpora.

A text visualisation tool for exploring themes across digitised historical documents

December 2016

The core of my PhD work is exploring new ways of interacting with cultural data (cultural data here meaning the result of digitising cultural institution holdings including museums, galleries, archives and libraries). I’m interested in designing visualisations that help users make sense of this data and allow them to explore themes, trends and connections between items across and through time.

Research profiled in Royal College of Art Annual Report

Nov 2016

The Royal College of Art has included a profile of my PhD work in their recently published Annual Report 2015/16.

Data Week at Wellcome Collection

November 2016

I recently took part in Data Week: an intensive R&D week with groups of developers and historians exploring and experimenting with interesting ways of using Wellcome's digitised historical collections.

Interning at Microsoft Research

September 2016

I just finished spending the summer at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. I was interning with the Human Experience and Design research group, which, as its name suggests, is a group that researches around human experiences with computing. HXD is a multidisciplinary team with a skill-set encompassing design and social science in addition to engineering.

Best Paper Award - EVA 2016

'Using Data Visualisation to tell Stories about Collections'

July 2016

My supervisor Stephen and I presented at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts London conference held at the British Computer Society. The paper, 'Using Data Visualisation to tell Stories about Collections', was also co-authored with Dr. Florian Kräutli (now at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science).

Attending Google I/O 2016

May 2016

Developer conference Google I/O 2016 was held near Google's global headquarters in Mountain View, California and I was lucky enough to be awarded a ticket and travel scholarship from Women Who Code

Research featured in Royal College of Art news

April 2016

“RCA Researchers Put Chronographics on the Scholarly Map”: The Royal College of Art has published an article on their website featuring my research and that of my supervisor Prof Stephen Boyd Davis and colleagues Dr Florian Kräutli and Sam Cottrell.

Visual text analytics workshop

Imperial College & LSE

March 2016

I attended this 2-day workshop “bringing together experts in text analysis to share knowledge, best practice, and tools and techniques for text analysis visualisations”.

British Library visualisations


February 2016

One of the British Library Labs datasets I have been working on is 40,000 digitised playbills (posters announcing a theatrical performance pasted up or distributed on the street) from British theatres 1750-1900. This data consists of metadata (theatre name, date etc.), and pdfs containing scanned playbills.