Interning at Microsoft Research

September 2016

I just finished spending the summer at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. I was interning with the Human Experience and Design research group, which, as its name suggests, is a group that researches around human experiences with computing. HXD is a multidisciplinary team with a skill-set encompassing design and social science in addition to engineering.

I was working on the Digital Possessions project and was supervised at Microsoft by Siân Lindley. Digital Possessions explores the metaphor of the computer file and reimagines how we might conceptualise the computer file in a networked world where copies proliferate across services and devices. I was building interactive visualisations exploring these ideas.

I also took part in the //oneweek hackathon in which the team I was on won at MSR Cambridge!

The internship was a great experience - thank you Microsoft Research for having me.