‘There’s no reason why I should be constrained in what I do because of who my friends are’

Web startup aims to disrupt people’s tendancy to limit their activities to those of their friends. The website connects people organising small-scale events with interested people who would not have heard otherwise.

I joined the project at an early stage as a designer, working alongside developers and the founder. My role was to produce the visual identity and cosmetic web design. With the founder, I helped produce the information architecture and site-map at a stage when little website structure or functionality had been set in stone.

The visual branding emerged and evolved during this early exploratory stage. Much of this initial prototyping was about exploring how far to include the tea-party-socialising metaphor in the visual design. This early stage was also a chance to edit down the number of pages and condense the functionality to what was needed to serve website users.

The final design was geared towards users looking for events. Two web pages enabled searching: a search engine configuring events around interests, location, and date; or a randomly generated board of suggestions with a sliding scale allowing users to ‘set their exploration’, or request events different from the interests listed on their profile.