What makes certain dogs popular in certain countries

From The Economist Data Team

By Dolly Setton (data collection, analysis and story); Olivia Vane (interactive data graphics); Matt McLean (data graphics); Matt McLean & Ben Shmulevitch (page design); Stephen Cheetham (illustrations); Mirabel Fawcett (animation); Josie Delap, Evan Hensleigh (editing)


What makes certain dogs popular in certain countries, The Economist, 2022

Cleaning data is for the dogs, By Dolly Setton, Off the Charts: The Economist's data journalism newsletter

This visual article for The Economist's Christmas issue 2022-23 reveals what dog breeds people prefer in different countries and explores the diverse reasons driving popularity: from nationalism and living space to the influence of films and television. Explore international trends in the data for yourself with interactive charts.

To read about Dolly's heroic data gathering and cleaning for the project, see Cleaning data is for the dogs in The Economist's Off the Charts newsletter.