Drawing Waterlines on Maps with Olivia Vane

In this live code walkthrough & discussion with members of the Observable team & community, I share lessons & techniques learned through creating a beautiful collection of notebooks about drawing and animating 'waterlines'—an old technique for showing water in maps—in JavaScript. https://observablehq.com/collection/@oliviafvane/watermarks


Observable Livestream: DataViz Demos with Contest Winners

I showed my contest winning "Votes for Women: Suffragette Collage Maker" notebook


Visualising cultural heritage collections: Is the data enough?

I gave this talk for the information+visualization talk series, at Fachhochschule Potsdam. Data visualisation can open up digitised museum, library and archive collections to new possibilities. Walking through a series of projects, I explore the questions: Does visualising cultural data reveal the patterns/stories we're interested in? Do our designs speak for themselves? Can we trust what we see?


Designers - what are they good for (in data visualisation)? | Information+ Conference 2018

We take a close look at what making sketches and prototypes actually *does* to progress design work in data viz, taking examples from Digital Humanities.